Inner package for glass and ceramics

Transportpackage for glass and ceramic based components

Packages mechanical durability is very important for this product group. In use are various tests to ensure durability for example throb, tremor and drop tests. Normally throb and tremor tests get hardly any difference between package materials. In drop testes fibre packages was found to protect products better than other alternative materials in relation to quantity of material.

Potential additional features of fiber packages:

  • Water-proofiness
  • Grease-proofiness
  • Printability
  • Fire-proofiness
  • Dyeability
  • Mildew-proofiness
  • Virginal wood fibre
  • Extra BULK
  • ESD
  • Corrosion prevent
  • Grain straw
  • Scent
  • Peat
  • etc.