2013-03-17-1022.jpgEcopulp treetop protector


Ecopulp treetop protector gives a powerful protection against damages caused by deers and elks. It protects excellently seedling / nursery with its new TRICO-repellent (chemistry) which is proved to be powerful in investigations.

The setup which is made to treetop is possible to do around year even in freeze. Products affection where repellent stays 100 % on seedling makes product cost effective. In spraying made application goes easily 30-50% lost due to wind and relatively small parts of the tree when there are little infection areas. After setup repellent as chemistry is in cover in treetop protector when UV-radiation, rains neither growing of seedling can’t weaken the power of repellent. Repellent’sduration of action is significantly longer compared to spraying and on that way more powerful. Furthermore socket made of recycled paper protects treetop mechanically.

Ecopulp treetop protector is made of 100 % recycled fibre and in nature it decompose completely in 5 years. 

The most typical use for treetop protector is about 1 – 3 metric nursery, in which has already noticed eating of seedlings. When it’s necessary also smaller nurseries can be protected. Usually only them seedlings should be protected which are intended to be raised after first thinning. Use is possible also in summer for example to protect birch seedlings.


The most serious damage caused by elks is targeted to seedlings of deciduous trees and pine, which lengths are 1-3 meters, but damages are also apparent in smaller nurseries. In elks winter nutrition most popular species of domestic trees are rowan, willows, aspen and juniper before birch and pine. Silver birch is more popular nutrition plant than downy birch. Elk eats seldom alder or spruce. Also most hardwoods and foreign species like larch are good enough for elks.

Progress of destruction

Typical for elk damages are that they recur annually in the same nurseries. In the worst case, the repeated destructions of nursery make it worthless.

Effect on tree

Elks break branches and top growths but also stems of thinnest trees. These damages leads to growth losses and quality defects. Eating of sidebranches andtearing of leaves can dry tree’s top growth. Damaging bark of even large aspens and young conifers by eating causes permanent trunk injuries. Damages are also composed by rubbing antlers and trampling youngest seedlings.




In experiment TRICO-repellent practically prevented eating of treetops and top branches of seedling. It also decreases considerably eating of side branches. With protection effect it’s also important that there is no other injurious effects on for example growth of trees. In protection experiment which was made in summer birch’s seedlings which was treated with Trico had developed normally and there was noaberrant defects in comparison to control seedlings. Based on these experiments Trico seems to be useful matter to protect seedlings of forest trees from elks both in winter and summer.

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