Ecopulp seedling shield /protector ergo Taimitassu

Dear forester/farmer

The spring and the planting season coming soon. Renewal of Taimitassu as a Sapling Protector, one of the our main products in portfolio is done and it is developed one step further.

Sapling Protector contains fertilizers like  boron.

Autumn in mind, here is the detailed information about the Ecopulp TOPTREE Protection, which the operation we have received excellent feedback.


taimisuoja_5.gifEcopulp seedling shield

Ecopulp seedling shield protects effectively seedling of tree and whole nursery in their first years saving lot of effort, time and money in many ways.

With seedling shield achieves excellent reimbursement time and it is profitable investment. Domestic seedling shield is made of wood fibre and it breaks down in 3 – 5 years. Seedling shield includes pre fertilizer  boron. With this ensures that seedling start to grow and tries to improve its growth in early stage.

Ecopulp seedling shield is breathable it animates activity of micro-organisms and compensates variations in humidity. The material and structure give up when tree’s trunk grows and it won’t abrade bark broken. Ecopulp seedling shield is also easy to install to already planted seedling with its side cut.



  1. Prevents growth of hay which shades seedlings and contends for water and nutrients.
  2. Made of 100 % recycled fibre.
  3. Prevents spread of fungal diseases which microclimate created by dump hay improves
  4. Prevents hay to suffocate seedlings in the autumn when them fall down.
  5. Without plentiful coating vegetation either voles don´t thrive
  6. Protect small seedlings from frost damages
  7. With prefertiliser which seedling shield includes can be prevent those growth failures of trees which due to nutrient conditions.
  8. Seedlings are easy to find
  9. It is organic choice to prevention of hay. Compare with pesticides.
  10. Growth become faster in the first years thanks for better light supply, fertilizer and more stable moisture.


Forest income isn’t only calculated from table prices of stumps. Must take into account extra costs and risks! After total costs of nursery’s set up (1500 / hectare) biggest expenses could be nursery’s replanting, repairing, necessary early treatments, clearance, fertilization, purchasingof newseedlings and wasted growth time.


METSÄKESKUS in 2011: At fertile growing places significant part of seedlings suffocates to hay and coppice instantly at their first years without taking good care of early treatment. In seedling which has been left at care of nature, value of nursery can easily lower 40 % in few years. In future value of woods remains low, because log accrual of area stays lower than in woods were early treatments are made with care.