Functional packages

 Package made of wood fibre is biodegradable and 100 % recyclable. Tailored application is always unique because of its 3D-formability. Where necessary,the structure isbreathablewater, damp- and grease-proof. It tolerate required shocks andburdens. Packages which come direct food contact contain only food safe components. Berry and fruit boxes are made of virgin spruce fibre. Exceptional for these products is their breathability, which gives logistically extra time at best 1-2 days.

Benefits for industry:

•Cost effectiveness
•Environmental responsibility
•Improve the image of company
•Breathability of the material
•No assembly stage of inner packages
•No outer package
•Stackability and storage effectivity
•User friendliness – safety
•Inexpensivity of utilisation payments?
•Compatibility to combination package
•Doesn’t scratch or grind product in package
•Grease-, water-, fire-proofiness, etc.