Plastic or green future? 


YOU will decide- one package at a time! 

Ecological fibre based applications 

Ecopulp Finland Oy develops designs and produces shaped moulded pulps / pressed fibre pieces. Wood or recycled fibre Ecopulp-applications are always very environmental-friendly because material is biodegradable and 100 % recyclable.


 How to respond to climate change and challenges of changed world market? 

The total carbon footprint of recycled fibre products is lower than in any other similar use purposed material. Customer-oriented service is centre of our business and we are always ready to help you to achieve that added value what you are reaching for. Attainable benefits you usually find from affection list below. 

•Cost effectiveness
•Environmental responsibility
•Improve the image of company
•Breathability of the material
•No assembly stage of inner packages
•No outer package
•Stackability and storage effectivity
•User friendliness – safety
•Inexpensivity of utilisation payments?
•Compatibility to combination package
•Doesn’t scratch or grind product in package
•Grease-, water-, fire-proofiness, etc.

Ecopulp offers cost effective package-, forestry-, garden- and other functional applications which are as sustainable as possible to environmental abreast customer’s needs.

As a domestic operator Ecopulp minimise environmental effect in its own production with recovering energy, raw materials purchase optimisation program and closed water circulation. In practise for example there is no wastewater to discharge into drain. Only outgoing water comes from drying department as steam. Also drying energy recovering is maximised.

IMG_0881[1].jpgEcopulp Finland Oy in Kouvola


After decades manufacturing experience moulded pump technique is reliable and traditional production method of packages which can be used in new and innovative ways. Fibre package protects delicate products and maintains their quality, freshness and good appearance. The fibre material which Ecopulp uses is mainly inexpensive and sustainable recycled fibre. Also mechanically or chemically produced virginal wood fibre is used depending on application.

In production process of fibre material raw material which usually consist of completely recycled paper soaked in water to fine fibres. After that mixture is pumped into the pool which fluid material is sucked into moulds by under pressure. Water is separated out at the same time. At the next stage moist material is pressed and dried. When the material is dry it is pressed again if necessary. Machines which are used in process, works in closed water system where water is cleaned and reused. In that process comes no waste water at all.

There is one basic difference in production of rough and smooth fibre packages. In smooth packages is used latter pressing where achieves high quality of end product as pressing the product to smooth and accurate form in hot two-sided mould. Products which are produced in that way are thin but still robust smooth surfaced and completely printable.

Fibre material can be moulded almost in any three-dimensional form. End products are light and durable and their shock absorption is very good. Fiber packages are easy to dispose. They are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Applications can be customised with different added features, colours and fibre mixes.